Federico Carmona
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Trauma Therapist
Life Coach

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

California License 7629

CalVCB Mental Health Provider

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

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Federico G. Carmona
mental health clinician, life coach, educator, advocate
Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Counseling, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Life Coaching
Supervised by Wendy Blanco, LCSW

When it comes time to recover from past trauma or a recent traumatic event and its negative sequels, that first step could be difficult and overwhelming. I’ve had the privilege of helping clients as they went through some of the most challenging times in their lives. Whether you are just reaching out for the first time or need a new perspective on your recovery, I am here to offer the help you need.

If you find yourself limited by your current financial situation, I offer an affordable sliding scale option for individual therapy through Open Path. Consider also Group Therapy as another affordable alternative to make psychological improvements toward an integrated, healthy self. And you can check here to find whether your healthcare insurance covers out-of-network mental health.


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