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Improve your Mindfulness with a Local Therapist

I’m more than just a local therapist in the Los Angeles area, I’m also an expert when it comes to mindfulness.

Mindfulness has gotten a bad rap lately. As businesses used this therapeutic technique to improve performance, they also watered down what makes it so powerful.

If you’ve been searching for a California therapist near me, then you should get in touch with me today. I offer a wide range of therapies including mindfulness.

So what is mindfulness? It’s more than just taking some time to breathe, it’s being aware of the moment-to-moment changes in our bodies and our emotions.

As a local therapist, I know how much this can help people manage their trauma.

Trauma works by taxing our biological and mental faculties. When a trauma trigger pops up, we can quickly spiral into behaviors that protected us during the traumatic event, but have become harmful to our lives now.

Mindfulness can help you be aware of your trauma triggers. This allows you to keep one hand on the wheel when traumatic experiences come rushing back.

This can help you start to get your life back on track. Trauma has a way of hijacking our lived experiences and rerouting our lives to fit these conditions needs, but with mindfulness you can start to reclaim control over your emotional responses.

Mindfulness is also about rebuilding our mental and emotional strength. Trauma has a way of leaving us hardened and less emotionally strong than before. When we are neurobiologically forced to focus on one massively impactful event, we lose the ability to focus on others. Mindfulness can help you restore this focus.

Have you been looking for a California therapist near me? If so, then get in touch with me today. I can help you recover from your trauma and start the complex work of getting your life back together again.