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My Approach

My approach to therapy is holistic and developmentally based. I see the whole of a person rather than just the current symptoms or problem. I paid attention to attachment patterns, differentiation, integration, and the competencies proper of the adult age. And I use a myriad of interventions and techniques from a rich arsenal of therapeutic tools to help people regain their hope, strength, and self-agency.

As a trauma therapist, I understand neurobiology. I understand how the brain works, especially the limbic system, and the structural damage trauma causes. Trauma therapists are trained to recognize the dramatic and subtle effects of traumatic life events on people’s psychological, emotional, and physiological selves. We are also trained to let the process take its own pace while helping people experiencing the devastating effects of posttraumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, trauma bonding, and related psychological afflictions.

Sessions are virtual through a secure HIPAA-compliant connection. Contact me to book a free virtual evaluation.

Trauma-Informed Counseling

I use a constellation of therapeutic approaches to promote awareness about the widespread impact of trauma on the outlook, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors of a person who has experienced a traumatic event or has a history of trauma. Trauma-Informed Counseling is a holistic approach that offers a safe space and a trusting relationship to enable people to recover the hope, strength, and self-agency needed to make long-lasting changes in their functional and relational lives. 


I use this long-term therapeutic approach to focus on chronic problems and overall patterns involving thought processes, feelings and emotions, belief systems, and behaviors. Psychotherapy addresses the root cause and internalized thoughts, feelings, and impulses (core issues) of recurrent problems. It promotes good insight and personal growth to bring forth meaningful life changes in a person's life.

Couples Therapy

I use evidence-based attachment and ego-state therapeutic approaches to enhance the emotional and cognitive connection of couples committed to a long-term relationship. Couples Therapy helps partners to attune to each other effectively, improve their communication skills, identify the deeper roots of their disagreements, solve problems as they cooperate with each other, and experience greater satisfaction in their relationship.

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